Wedding Albums -

Wedding album ordering in 2 easy steps!

Brides and grooms seek high-quality custom albums that allow them to preserve their wedding photographs in a way that turns their collection into a story-book. Through the use of these fine custom albums, we offer you the ability to order the components to build a one-of-a-kind design.

  • Step 1 is to order your cover & inserts
  • Step 2 is to order your mats.
  • You're done!

To assist you, we have very thorough information in our "Teach Me Album Ordering " and "Ordering Info" sections.

art leather alternatives To clarify, Art Leather Manufacturing discontinued production in the middle of 2013, but there is a strong desire for their style albums that have been produced for decades. We're proud to offer the Flora albums which are nearly identical clones of the Art Leather Futura line of albums.

These album sizes are not the thickness or capacity of pages. This size refers to the height and width of the cover. Under each album style, we've listed the maximum size print that fits into the album. The larger the album cover dimensions, the more mat options you will have which allows for larger prints or more prints per page. Smaller albums only allow for one print per mat.

  • Large - usually bridal albums - holds up to a 10" x 10" print
  • Medium - usually parent or bridal albums (sometimes parent gifts) - holds up to a 8" x 8" print
  • Small - often parent albums or tote-along albums (sometimes parent gifts) - holds up to a 5" x 5" print


black brown pearl blue mahogany

black brown pearl blue mahogany
Art Leather wedding album
Square Window Front
- up to 10x10
Solid Front
- up to 10x10
- up to 8x8
- up to 5x5


Replacement Permabound & Futura Wedding Album Covers

Do you need a replacement cover for your Art Leather Futura or Permabound album? We can help. If you have a damaged cover and your inserts & photos are fine, we can assist you with either a new replacement cover or a cover restoration - depending on which album type you have (Futura or Permabound)

Click here for more information about covers only.